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PCD Drills

Helicon PCD Full Nib Drill

Especially manufactured for the high demands needed by modern CFRP and CFRP/Stacks/AL/TI.

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PCD Countersinks

Interchangeable Pilot

Ideal for the use of cutting the same diameter chamfer with the same countersink but with different diameter pilots.

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PCD End Mills for Cutting & Trimming

Spiral Vein

PCD veins allow for complex 3D tool geometries. No braze joints close to the Cutting edge. Used on CFRP, Aluminum alloys, Bronze and other non-ferrous materials, Can be re-sharpened 3 times at 40% of initial cost.

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DVT™ gives you the competitive edge of it's unique technology; producing a complete line of super abrasive Diamond Vacuum Braze products to cut, mill and grind for the composite, ceramic and stone industries.


Telcon, situated in a 4000 square meter plant is ISO certified and manufactures a wide range of high-performance, precision engineered polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and cubic boron nitride (PCBN) tipped tools to meet the most exacting demands of today’s nonferrous advanced materials, and composite material.

Telcon provides breakthrough cutting tool solutions for all non-ferrous applications such as in Drilling, Countersinking, Milling and Reaming. Decades of experience provide us with the capabilities to develop a range of drills designed especially to solve the major difficulties of drilling aerospace materials.

Telcon provides drills to guarantee hole-specification and improve drilling performance, which significantly reduces cost per hole drilled. As an approved supplier, we have worked closely with major aerospace companies in optimizing manufacturing processes, with rapid deliveries, tool refurbishment for cost savings and tool efficiency.

Adopting Total quality management (TQM) , ALL of Telcon’s divisions relentlessly strive to develop new methods, improve efficiency, and manufacture innovative PCD tools.

While the industry average lead time for final product delivery is 8-10 weeks, Telcon prides itself on a speedy final product delivery in only 3-4 weeks.